Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 9

Advent Calendar: Make Christmas cards for teachers

Remember This:
The kids and I had a great time making cards for their teachers. We all sat together and used my paper punches to decorate simple construction paper cards (just like I used to make). The kids wrote sweet notes to their teachers, too {BONUS - educational activity!!} Unfortunately, once we finished, I packed the cards up, cleaned off the table and totally forgot to take pictures.

I also finished up our teacher gifts. I forgot to take pictures of those too, but I did take some the night I wrapped them up.

I decorated tins with the teachers' names using my Cricut machine and some adhesive vinyl.

Then I decorated some white coffee mugs with each of their family members' names and big polka dots. (One mug for Mom, Dad and each child in the family). I stuffed the mugs with packets of hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Finally, I added a package of Keebler mint cookies and attached a little note to them like this:

I made the note digitally with Krystal Hartley's Homemade Holiday kit from Sweet Shoppe Designs.

I have to say, they turned out SO cute! I really hope the teachers liked them as much as we enjoyed putting them together! I know Mrs. Sophie's family liked them because she sent me these pictures of her boys sipping the cocoa through the cookies!! YAY! Thanks, Mrs. Sophie! ♥

I think they liked 'em!! :)

Oh, and in total Leigh-fashion, I totally forgot to add the hand-made cards that the kids made to the gifts. I didn't even realize it until AFTER the gifts had been given out. Oh well...I won't tell the kids.

Hey, at least I'm trying here!!

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