Monday, December 14, 2009

December 8

Advent Calendar: Make ornaments

Remember This: So, tonight is the first night that the kids aren't "feeling" the Advent Calendar. They really weren't thrilled about making ornaments (which is weird for them), but I figured why push it. Instead, I let Olivia take a picture of her favorite ornament on our tree. I'm not shocked at the one she picked. It truly is her favorite one!

Whit wasn't interested in any of it. I guess I can let him off the hook this time...8 days in...I think that's pretty dang good!!


Stacy said...

Wow blogging once a day:)

Glad to see your back!

Sophie Morand said...

Yeah, I can not wait to read the other posts fpr the other days... we are December the 15th!!!!