Monday, December 21, 2009

December 18

Advent Calendar - Roper Mountain Lights

Remember This
- It's raining and freezing and our first winter weather advisory is in full effect. Roper Mountain Lights just isn't going to happen tonight. The kids are okay with staying in and doing nothing and of course, Hon and I are totally fine with the idea! We'll try to catch the lights one night before Christmas, but I'm not sure we'll be able to. I guess we'll wait and see!

Today was Whit's Christmas party at school. He couldn't WAIT! All the boys bought a gift for a gift exchange and he really wanted to get the gift he brought. We had a long talk about opening gifts and being thankful NO. MATTER. WHAT. but I wasn't sure how it would really turn out. Whit is a little different and doesn't necessarily like the kinds of toys other kids his age like, so when he opened up a Bakugan starter kit, my heart rate accelerated to 1000 beats per second. I could tell he was sooooo disappointed, but he quickly wiped the frown off his face and began to make preparations for decorating his gingerbread house. I was soooo proud of him! Once we got home and he started playing with the set, he found out he really might like it after all. Lesson learned!

He really enjoyed decorating his gingerbread house! I definitely need to try this with them next year!

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Sophie Morand said...

Tell Whit that Theo has a lot of Bakugans so maybe next time he comes over, he can bring it with him... and his DS too of course!!