Monday, December 21, 2009

December 15

Advent Calendar - Count change to donate to "Gift for Christ."

Remember This - Maybe this wasn't the year to spring it on the kids (twice in one week) that they were going to have to give away lots of their money from their little savings banks. Maybe they are a bit too young yet? They're getting the gist of it, but asking them twice within 4 days to give away huge chunks of change isn't the way to go. {Note to self: you might want to spread these activities further apart next year}. Yes. There was resistance.

Moving on: Since our advent activity didn't go quite as planned, I'm using a picture from school today. The kids in my class made cute ornament storage boxes to house the ornaments we made this year. We also made the parents a little bag of hot cocoa, marshmallows and crushed candy canes. The kids had the best time making their gifts and they did all by themselves! From crushing the candy canes to scooping the hot chocolate, they did it all! They were so excited to take them home! I'm glad to include these pictures in my December Daily album because really, I couldn't talk about MY December without talking about my classroom. I put a lot of time, energy (and sometimes blood, sweat and tears) into making it a magical place for my students. We had the best year this year and the kids had such a WONDERful December!

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