Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 10

Advent Calendar: Have hot cocoa with candy cane stirrers!

Remember This: The kids were sooooooo excited to have hot cocoa. I'm still not sure why they love it so, but they definitely enjoy it more than I've ever seen them enjoy anything else! We served up the cocoa and they drank every drop and finished the candy canes completely! I'll have to remember to make hot chocolate for them more often!

This little mini-post is for Erin:
Whit went on his Limo & Lunch Date today. Yep. He got to ride around town like a real pimp (or a high schooler at prom...whichever way you choose to look at it). He had a fantastic time until some little girls booted him out of his spot for the ride back to school. Anyway, thanks for the "BIG SALE" that pushed his little total over the quota to earn this fine treat!

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Sophie Morand said...

I am SO jealous, I have never been in a Limo!!!!