Monday, December 21, 2009

December 14

Advent Calendar - Watch a Christmas movie.

Remember This - So, tonight Whit got a better deal and left Livi-loo and I on our own. It actually turned out perfect because she looooooves Christmas movies and he's not a big fan. Once he was out the door to Nana's house, Olivia and I popped in Holly & Hal's Uplifting Christmas Story and began making Oreo pops and goodie bags for her class party. She loves to help me with whatever project I'm working on. The past few times she's helped me, she always says, "Mom, you reeeeeeeally love to make cute things, don't you?!?" She has no idea how right she is!


Sophie Morand said...

Those treats turned out so cute. I love them.

Tracy said...

You are so freakn crafty, I just you most days!
love ya!

mel said...

I love these! These would be cute for any holiday with a little colored sprinkles! I'm linking you up on my new blog! Mel