Wednesday, May 23, 2012

{Gifts} Krazy Kool Summer Gift with printable

Sometimes I have reeeeeeeeally good ideas.

Other times, I just copy other people's reeeeeeeeeally good ideas and transform them to make them my own.

This is an example of the latter.

I needed a gift for Olivia's classmates for the End-of-the-Year. Along with my sister, we scoured the internet Pinterest and happened upon this cute idea.

Totally precious.

So, we went about tracking down the necessary cups, which included trips to Greenville, Greer, Spartanburg and Boiling Springs. Just saying.

I decided I wanted more colorful tags since I had multiple colors of bottles. I also liked the taller bottles better than the short ones and I only wanted a single serving of Kool-Aid instead of a whole packet.

So I created my own tag. Printed them, cut them out, punched a hole and attached them with ribbon to the straw of the cup.

I only had to do that 20 times (*whew*) and they were ready to roll.

And, again, just because I love my blog friends, I made the tags into a printable for you to download and use!

Click here to find the download. Once you download, simply print on cardstock or heavy paper (8.5x11), cut out the tags and adhere them however you like (I tied mine with ribbons).

Edited to add: I've had lots of complaints about Scribd now taking subscriptions in order to download the printable. When I first uploaded it last year, everything was free. So, in an attempt to get the printable out at no cost, I am uploading it here. Simply right click and save to your computer and then print as usual. The printable is on a standard 8.5x11 sheet of paper and I suggest printing on heavy cardstock. Email me if you can't get the download to work! (leightheo (at) gmail (dot) com).

Good luck and happy end-of-the-year-ing!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

{Gifts} Silly String Summer Classmate Gift and Printable

Not long ago, I picked up some Goofy String for Whit's classmates for their End-of-the-Year party. He is in an all-boy class, so I knew I couldn't go wrong with this super fun spray!

I also knew I couldn't get away with tying a cute bow around it or putting a cutesy tag on it, but, I wanted a little something to let his classmates know it was from him. I realize I was pushing it by adding a tag on top, but come on - the packaging left a lot to be desired.

Since the packaging was so crazy busy, I decided to keep the tags plain and simple. I whipped up some circle tags to add to the tops of the cans.

I created them in Photoshop and printed them on matte presentation paper.

 I then used my 1.5 inch circle punch to pop out the tags.

With a tiny glue dot, I adhered the tags to the tops of the cans and off they went, ready for a bunch of 3rd grade boys!

And, just because I love you and I want to make your life easy, I decided to make the printable available for download!

To access your Goofy String Printable, CLICK HERE.

And, because we normally call it Silly String, I made a set of tags for those who will need them to say "Silly" instead of "Goofy."

For the Silly String Printable, just CLICK HERE!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope to see you again soon!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Really? Something else to do in December??

I went back and forth over starting a new tradition this year. We already have the advent calendar and our December Daily Project.

But, it seems like everyone is doing Elf on the Shelf now. I really, honestly thought my kids were getting too old.

Obviously, I don't know my kids.


At the last minute, we decided to pick up this cutie and I put him to work last night.

My kids could NOT have been happier or more excited this morning.

They couldn't contain themselves, really. Olivia started naming all of her friends who have this little phenomenon (which, by the way, is ALL. OF. THEM.).

And Whit chimes in and says, "Mommy, at first I thought it was you who put him there [on the shelf], but then when Olivia said all her friends had one too - well - you couldn't have done ALLLLLLL of them."

No, buddy. I couldn't have placed all of the other elves.

And, none of those kids have mommies who could, either.


So, needless to say, they are excited. I've found 1,000,0001 ideas on Pinterest of all the crazy things he can get into. Just type in Elf Ideas and see the wonders that pop up.

Of course. Another outlet for me to get creative??

I'm in.

Happy elfing!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another {new} Advent Calendar

Soooooooooooooo...I decided to make yet ANOTHER new Advent Calendar this year.

I loved the one I made last year, but I still wanted something a bit different.

While the masses were out elbowing each other down at midnight for Black Friday deals, I was at home in my kitchen assembling what I hoped would be the cutest little Advent Calendar yet.

It all started when I saw this post. Then I saw this one.


It had me at "envelope." I'm a sucker for cute envelopes, you know.

I recently ordered this kit from Elle's Studio, so I decided to whip up the envelope book in the wee hours of the morning using my newly acquired kit. {Yay for actually using my kit and not hoarding it, like usual.}

I dug around and found a few cute envelopes that I liked and I steamed them open so that I could use them as templates to make new envelopes.

I'm clever like that. {Or high school like that - depending on which way you look at it.}'s how it turned out!

I really like it.

I like that it's all wonky and crazy with it's odd-sized envelopes.

I really, really like the confetti envelope at the back. The inspiration for that one came from Ali, who in turn, got her inspiration from Pinterest - imagine that!

So now all I have to do is add an activity to each "pocket" or envelope and I'm set! I'm all ready for December!

Yay for being ahead of things for once.

Happy Advent-ing!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Scarf Addicts: Get. In. Here. Now. (Most Useful Post of 2011)

Back in 2010, I had a "Most Useful Post" about folding fitted sheets.

Since then, well - nothing has really jumped out at me and screamed, "HEY!! THIS IS REALLY USEFUL STUFF!"

Until now.

Hi. I'm Leigh and I'm addicted to scarves.

Yes, scarves.

Love them.

And, when I was googling around trying to find different ways to wear my scarves, this is what I found.

Oh for the love of cute tutorial videos.

And scarves.

I am a totally happy girl.

And, just so you know. I think this is *THE CUTEST* video I've ever seen.



Happy scarf-ing.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Aaaaaaaand, 25 Days of December!

Without further ado, here is the second style of December Daily album I'm selling (see the first style here).

Introducing, 25 Days of December!

I love this book mainly because it is SO. DIFFERENT. from Hello December. It is comprised of traditional Christmas colors - red and greens - mixed with a few pinks and even a woodgrain (ahhh... I LOVE the woodgrain). Where the other is fun and funky, this one is classy and traditional, with a peppermint twist thrown in. They couldn't be more different, yet still alike!

I plan to use this one to catch up on last year's December happenings.

Again, this mini album is sized 4x6 and has 15 sheets of high quality paper from Bazzill Basics, Paper Source and Crate Paper's Peppermint Collection. The papers are "scruffed up" and seem old and vintage-y. There are two nice envelopes for hiding trinkets, receipts, hand-written notes and ticket stubs or other special ephemera. The cover has a hand-stamped label and is decorated with a hand-punched, machine-stitched garland.

Everything you need to enjoy documenting the season is here! And, remember - snap the photo (I'm using my iPhone and Instax), print the photo, stick the photo in the journal and write about it (that's it)! One photo a day. Easy peasy and your whole season is documented for future generations.

Can you imagine if you had something similar from when you were a child? I would love to remember all the little things we did together during the holiday seasons of my childhood. Wouldn't you?

Again, I am including a little bag of coordinating goodies with each journal to help jump start your creativity. The numbers download that I will have on my blog next week will also coordinate with this style so you can number the pages of your journal if you want.

****And, for the first person who buys this mini album, I am including a FULL SHEET of coordinating phrase stickers from Crate Paper (!!!!) shown here:****

**EDITED TO ADD - The phrase stickers are gone!!**

So, there you have it!

If you have any questions about either album, please don't hesitate to let me know!