Monday, December 14, 2009

December 2

Advent Calendar: Read a Christmas book (with bath fizzies for a treat)

Remember this: Tonight the kids got bath fizzies in their advent bags. They were sooooo excited! They couldn't WAIT to open the bag and it almost killed them to wait until the evening to open them. I decided yesterday that we need to wait to make sure everyone is on their best behavior all day to earn the treats. They loved the fizzies but were disappointed when they unwrapped them and realized they were plain white (the wrapping was cute snowmen and polka dots and it looked like the fizzies would be those colors as well). They had a great time in the bath watching them fizzle into nothing. When they got out, they each picked out a book and snuggled up in Whit's bed to read Christmas stories. I wish the picture of them in the bed was scratch-n-sniff because they both smelled soooo good from the fizzies. When we read Olivia Helps with Christmas they both laughed until they almost cried. They love that book (and so do I)! I'm back on track thinking the Advent Calendar was, in fact, a good idea!

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