Monday, December 21, 2009

December 17

Advent Calendar - Make reindeer food.

Remember This - Tonight was our ELC staff Christmas party at City Range. Kaylyn (Kay Kay) came to stay with the kids for me. Before I left, the kids turned over the advent activity and got so excited to make reindeer food. I quickly pulled out the oatmeal, glitter, big bowl, mixing spoons and ziplock bags and gave Kay Kay the rundown on how to make it. When I walked in later that night, this is what I saw...

HOLEY MOLEY! That's A LOT of reindeer food!! Ha ha ha ha ha! If the reindeer eat all of that, they'll have a belly ache for sure! In fact, I think they can stop back by at Easter and still have some left on our ground to eat!!

Kay Kay said the kids wanted to make the WHOLE CANISTER of oatmeal, so she let them! I don't care...they had a great time making it with Kay Kay and I had a fantastic night out with my friends from the ELC. Life is good!

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