Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 12

Advent Calendar - Shop for each other's Christmas gifts.

Remember This
- Another FAIL on my part. Hon, the kids and myself all went shopping at Toys 'R' Us tonight to let the kids shop for each other. I totally forgot to take a picture (more on that later)!! WAAAAAHHHH!

I made the kids each take $20 out of their banks to buy gifts for each other. At first, Whit was none too happy about spending 20 of "his own dollars," but I told him if he decided to spend less, then Olivia would spend less too. Of course he wanted the BIGGEST! GIFT! EVER! so he decided $20 would be a good number to choose after all.

It is really important to me to teach them practical life skills about money like saving, spending and giving. It's not easy letting go of money, but it's something you have to do. Even though they are aware that you have to earn money, it doesn't stop them from asking for "this" and "that" every time we go to Target or Walmart. Now that they have their own money, they are slowly learning the value of earning!

Back to the story at hand, we finished up our shopping and checked out separately to ensure no one saw the other's gift. Olivia picked a Transformer figurine for Whit and Whit chose the Tinkerbell DS game for Olivia. Once out of the store they both started asking to change gifts. RIGHT. THERE. IN THE PARKING LOT!

Then they both proceeded to break down in full-on tears, wanting to switch right then!! At this point, I've had it. I'm not a holiday shopper and just being at Toys R Us near Christmas time makes me a little more prone to a nervous breakdown.


So, we pile both toys and both kids in the back of the car and speed off as fast as possible to the house. WITH. NO. PICTURE.

Oh, for the LOVE!

Maybe next year I'll be better at this.

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