Monday, December 14, 2009

December 1

Advent Calendar: "Write Santa a letter."

Remember This: (these are notes I jot down everyday to help me remember the events and the "little things" I might normally forget).
"Whit you almost had a nervous breakdown writing your letter to Santa tonight. Olivia knew just what she wanted to ask for and started writing quickly, but you only got to the first item (Transformers). Once you saw O's "hair salon" you freaked out and tried to come up with something BIGGER than hers. You couldn't even think about items you might truly want, you just wanted something, ANYTHING, bigger than her hair salon. Eventually, you went into total meltdown mode and ended up being sentenced to bed for almost 30 minutes while you cried it out. When you realized you weren't even going to get to write the letter to Santa, you really lost it!! After about an hour, you calmed down and decided to pick some things you would really like to have. Your list included a rocket that would shoot 100 feet and a bowling set (both of which I've never heard you mention before). At this point, I am ready to give up on our family Advent Calendar.... Is it really worth it?

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