Monday, December 14, 2009

December 5

Advent Calendar: Breakfast with SANTA (with hand warmers for treats)

Remember this: I gave the kids hand warmers so they would have them at the parade tomorrow. They don't know we're going yet, but they'll be happy to have them once we get there! Erin and Eric took all the kids (W, O & G) to have breakfast with Santa. The kids had so much fun. Erin said Olivia was really shy at first, but Santa whispered some secrets in her ear and she perked right up! She was TOTALLY shocked that Santa remembered her name without her telling him and we all wondered really how in the world he knew her name. But, later in the day Whit burst all our bubbles and announced that HE told Santa her name when she was being shy...little stinker! He let us all wonder for HALF A DAY how Santa knew her name! Anyway, they all had a fantastic time!

At Erin and Eric's (getting ready to go to breakfast):

A little shy around the big guy. He's whispering to her (who knows what) and she's listening, at least!

He must've said something she liked.

Working on some ornaments that now hang on our tree.

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