Monday, December 14, 2009

December 6

Advent Calendar: Greer Christmas Parade (with Santa hats for treats)

Remember This: I had to work the 4 year old classroom at church this morning, so the kids and I bundled up and took off. We had a great time together with the other kids. I traced life-sized angels of the kids and they decorated them with markers, glitter and glue (messy, to say the least). They loved it!

Then we headed over to Greer to get situated for the parade. We first ate at our favorite hot dog spot and I snapped a picture of the kids in their Santa hats. They were getting soooooo excited!

When we finally got to the parade, we got ourselves situated and began to enjoy the festivities. That is, until we started to FREEZE. TO. DEATH. It was so stinkin' cold we couldn't even stay until the end of the parade. That didn't stop us from having a great time while we were there, though!

Notice the sign and where it's pointing!

Notice Olivia trying the "Don't look at me, Whit!!" face. They were showing me their hand warmers.

Sitting in their chairs watching the parade.

It's cotton candy:30!

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