Tuesday, March 8, 2011

{Trendy Tuesday} Cupcake Liners: They're Not Just for Baking

So, since we're already on the topic of cupcakes, I figure we might as well discuss the award-winning best supporting role: The Cupcake Liner.

Betcha didn't know cupcake liners could be trendy, did ya?

Mmmmhmmm. They are, people! THEY POSITIVELY ARE!

Take a look at all the ways you can transform these little lovelies!

Martha uses them as gift toppers! She's so crafty, that Martha. Love her.

Apparently Sweet Paul had the same idea, but with TEENY TINY TASSELS! (Squeeeeee).

Urban Comfort uses them to dress up homemade cards. Love that!

Baker's Royale made them into Oreo's on a stick! (Oh my...the cuteness!)

The How Does She Gals made them into cuuuuuuuuute pom poms (and even made a tutorial to go along with it)!

Domestifluff shaped them into classy trees.

My Creative Departure whipped up this incredibly fun and festive wreath.

happy: blissful! made a simple and sweet cupcake garland.

How about a sweet little bouquet? I found this one on The Cupcake Blog.

And, this one on anna and blue paperie (with a tutorial).

I think topping your fluffy cupcakes with liners is just genious! Apparently Icing Designs thinks so too!

And, finally, my very favorite idea of all...flower baking hats. OH SWEET MERCY! The preciousness makes words escape me.

Okay, that's it for this Trendy Tuesday! I mean, really, that's just about all the cuteness I can stand.

The next time you see festive cupcake liners, pick them up, whip up something cute and be proud, people. Because now you're all trendy like that! And, that alone, just makes me smile BIG way down deep in my heart.

Big hugs and happy cupcake liners!


Sophie Morand said...

Thanks Mrs. Cupcake! Now I have to review my box of cupcakes liners... I have only the one for the holidays... Michaels here I come! And I saw some dolies...

Autumn said...

The cupcake liner passion on the internet is killin' me! Love the ideas!

whatkatiedid said...

Oh what a FAB round up of ideas!!