Friday, March 11, 2011

{Funtastic Friday} St. Patrick's Day Ideas and Printables

TGLIFF, bloggies!!!

What? You've never seen it with an "L" in the middle and two "F's" at the end? Really?

That's just a little acronym I like to use instead of shouting Thank the GOOD LORD it's FINALLY FRIDAY!! *insert audience clapping*

So, next Thursday is St. Patrick's Day and the blogosphere is abuzz with lots of green ideas and fun freebies. Of course, most people don't constantly search the internet looking for cute ideas and freebies.

That's where I come in! *insert smile and wave here*

TomKat Studio has these darling printables you can use as cupcake toppers, gift tags, napkin rings and more!

Fiskars shows you how to make fun hair and photo accessories.

Anna and Blue Paperie also has cuuuuuute printables.

How cute is this rainbow cupcake from Cupcake Mania?? Too, too cute. That is the answer.

It Is What It Is created these adorable Pot O' Gold and Lucky bag toppers and gift ideas. You can download the toppers for free (my favorite price)!

How about some St. Patrick's Day Cookies? Just darling. I don't know one. single. kid. who would turn these down.

A Little Tipsy created this festive mantle of crafts.

The Hands-On Housewife created this image that can be printed and framed for a fun display.

The Artist Woman made these beautiful tissue paper rainbows.

One Charming Party whipped up this funky green smoothie.

Katherine Marie made a leprechaun hotel and about 40 other glorious green projects with her kiddos.

And, one more set of free tags from The Crafting Chicks. Love them!

I found these cute treat ideas at Pebbles in My Pocket.

So there you go! Consider yourself prepped and ready for St. Patty's Day!

Hope you guys (all three of you) have a wonderful weekend!

Big Green Hugs!


Sophie Morand said...

LOVE them all! Thanks!

Kelli said...

So, SOOO glad you are blogging again. And um, thanks for doing all the hard research for me ;)

Becky Pipes said...

Oh Leigh, I love you for finding it all for me! :) My newly-five-year-old little man sat by me and said, "I love all the rainbow stuff!" Thanks for planning preschool for me next week! It's a debate - the licorice and gold or the the rainbow cookies. Who am I foolin'? Both it is. :) Thank you!!

Melissa said...

Great roundup! I'm really digging the posts...a love coming to check and see what is new!

Sarah said...

Thanks so much for the list! Many of these are already things I had bookmarked. Maybe I should just wait for you to find all the good stuff :)

Kimberlee said...

Thank you for exploring the Internet for me. Our St. Patty's day will now be a little bit cuter thanks to you. All super ideas.

And since you do such a fantastic job searching...I need to plan a 5 year old birthday party. Will you do that for me too? **wink wink**

Big green hugs right back at ya!