Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{Par-taaay Wednesday} Ava's Birthday Bake Shop

Since I looooooove parties, I thought I'd start a regular feature here on ye ole' blogaroo of my favorite parties around the web.

It's a sickness, really. I'd have a party everyday if I could only manage the stress!! (Oh, and the cost.)

This one caught my attention right away. I loooooooove the colors and everything put together is just perfection!

To get all the juicy details, you have to visit our daily obsessions. Seriously, this girl is awesome! She even made little aprons for all the guests!

Isn't that just lovely?? I am in awe! If I hadn't already hosted a baking party, I'd totally be re-working this little number into our plans (minus the sewing because...well...we can't be well-versed in *all* areas of craftiness and sewing is the one area I sort of forgot to learn).

And, again with the flower bakers hats??? KILLING. ME. Seriously.

Go! Run! Check it out and leave her some love about her wonderful event!

Until tomorrow, peeps!

1 comment:

Sophie Morand said...

Too cute! I want it for my birthday!!!Oh, that is right, it is too late for this year! Or I need a girl... I guess that is too late too... Keep posting girl, I LOVE it!