Friday, March 25, 2011

{Funtastic Friday} Teacher Appreciation!

I love Teacher Appreciation Week.





Love it.

It is probably my favorite week of the whole school year. I love spoiling our teachers and making each and every day happy for them.

Have you ever been in your son or daughter's class for a whole day? Not just an hour or two here and there. And, not just for a holiday party. A. WHOLE. DAY.

If not, you should give it a whirl. Trust me, you'll be on the Teacher Appreciation bandwagon afterwards.

TA Week is right around the corner (May 2-6 ~ write it down, people). So, for the next few weeks, I'll be highlighting great, fun gifts for teachers. It never hurts to be ahead of the game and ready when TA week rolls around. The gifts don't have to be extravagant or expensive. Just a simple little something to let your teachers know you care and appreciate them and all of their hard work!

Here are my first few fun quick and easy gifts from the girls at eighteen25 (they even provide the labels for some of their projects to download as a freebie - *yay*):

"So fortunate to have you" take out boxes.

"O'fish'ally the best!" candy treats.

My teacher is AW-esome" drink and candy set.

My friend Mel is a pro at teacher appreciate-ing (hey - I think I just made up a new verb!).

Check out the s'more goody bags she whipped up last year (complete with a printable tag freebie).

You might also remember her "Popular Teacher" treat toppers that I used last year.

I just LOVE Mel's work. So cute, clever and FUN!!

Here is an idea from Cute as a Fox: a fun jelly bean apple.

And, finally (for today), I love this idea for a candy gram pail. If you have a teacher that has a sweet tooth, this could be the way to go! Be sure to use the little poem, too!

I'll have ideas o' plenty featured here over the next few weeks to get your creative juices flowing. And, PLEASE link me up if you find any more fun ideas floating around the ol' world wide web. I have about 400 ideas already logged in my idea folder (i.e. my teeny tiny brain), but I'm sure there are LOTS more that I've yet to discover! I'd love to add yours to the line up!

And, here's my best advice for Teacher Appreciation Week: DON'T WAIT!!!! For crying out loud, start planning now! You can pick up a few things here and there and be ready to roll when it comes around (remember - May 2nd thru 6th). Take it from me, the last thing you want to be doing the night before is scurrying around trying to get all of your items together and packaged nicely. Believe me when I say that will be *the* night your printer decides to run out of ink and you'll be left with a cute gift and no tag (and we all know the CUTE factor begins with the tag, right?).

Happy Friday, people.

And, happy teacher appreciate-ing!


Tracy said...

I love all these ideas! I can't wait for TAW this year. Last year my son made sub sandwiches out of craft foam and we wrapped them up with a little poem and gift card to Subway. His teachers loved that he made it himself.
Here's some pictures of the finished product.

Autumn said...

Great ideas!!
I am also a HUGE fan of Teacher Apprec. Week. I think we owe them WAY more gratitude than they ever get!! (I wonder if those of us who have been in the classroom are better at "appreciating" those that still are?!?)

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 4 post on Mar. 25, 2011. Thanks again.

Sophie Morand said...

Thanks for being such an inspiration for me! And thanks for sharing your ideas!

Pamela Donnis Designs said...

Oh my gosh. I'm so glad you're posting this because I just joined the PTA and am helping with Teacher Appreciation (my fav), but haven't had a chance to get around the web for ideas yet. I'll be stalking you! lol

Chiara said...

Thanks for the sweet comments on my carnival party, Leigh! I love these ideas! I was a teacher and always loved TAW too. These cute ideas would have made my day so special!

Anonymous said...

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