Monday, May 2, 2011

Teacher Appreciation! Strawberry Baskets


Not only will I share my personal gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week, but also the gifts from our PTO (since I helped coordinate them).

Here is the gift we left on the teachers' desks for Teacher Appreciation Week today at Spartanburg Charter School.

I created the tags using Fruit Stand by Kate Hadfield and Shabby Miss Jenn's Designs. The strawberry baskets came from a local strawberry farm and we threw in some sweet strawberry candy.

Just a simple little way to say "we care about you!"

Come back tomorrow to see more gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week!


Cameron said...

Those are too cute! They turned out great!

Colleen said...

so cute....this is my new PTA job for next year and I love the ideas everyone is sharing...Now if I can only find out how to get started with all these cute fonts...I am starting from scratch..Nothing expect for ideas that I have gotten off the internet...

Angelina Raven said...

I really like this idea! We are always as a PTO, looking for ways to show appreciation for all the teacher's hard work.