Monday, October 17, 2011

{Printables} You've Been Boo'd!

Do you "Boo" your neighbors during the Halloween season?

If not - WHY?

It's basically a fun game of "ring the door bell and run like crazy while leaving behind a fun gift at the doorstep." The instructions say once you've been boo'd, then you have to boo someone new! The "boo-ing" just keeps going and going.


Don't have neighbors? How about Boo-ing your child's teacher? A co-worker? A friend?

Here are a few fun {FREE} printables you can use to do your "Boo-ing" this year!

From anna and blue paperie.

From The TomKat Studio.

Another from The TomKat Studio.

From Grey Square Designs.

From Uncommon Designs.

And one from Anders Ruff {my personal fave}.

Now you have no reason not to Boo someone this year!

Have fun and Happy Boo to You!

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