Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's {Wrapped Up}

So, this is it!

VDay is tomorrow! I sure hope you're ready!

Here are the treats I made for the kids' classmates.

Yes. I know. I like to call them "A whole heap o' sugah on a stick." Or Valentine Gummy Wands. Either one.

It's a good thing they're cute, because let me tell you one little thing about these treats.

1. They are messy to make.

There. I said it. They're messy. They're a pain, really. But, they are SO. VERY. CUTE! Cuteness has a price, right?

Yes. That's the leftover sugar. If that scares you, just find another cute thing to make. These will not be your friend.

I decided to test mine out last week - something I *never* do. I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda girl, but these gave me a little case of nerves, so I did a trial run last week and then the marathon today.

Here's how I made mine:

I cleared my kitchen table and pulled out all the sugary goodies.

Last week.


I found some items worked better than others. The strawberry heart-shaped marshmallows, for example, were a hot mess on the stick. Just not good. They tore as they slid on and just made a big ole mess. So, I axed those after the first go.

I added peach rings because I thought the whole thing could use some yellow?!? Call me crazy. (You won't be the first.)

It's all up to you what color scheme you decide to use. I went with colorful, because...well...that's me. (Did you see the yellow kitchen? Okay then.)

They are a bit time consuming, too. I made an assembly line.

Wait. No. I don't think one person can qualify as an assembly line.

I guess what I did was make mine in shifts.

I skewered each one individually and stuffed them into the baggies one at a time.

Then I tied the tags on.

After that, I stuck them all in buckets and called it an afternoon.

See the time on the stove?? 4:26pm.

I was DONE with Valentine's Day treats before 5 o'clock the night before Valentine's Day! That's what I like to call a miracle, people! Indeed.

I hope your Valentine's Day turns out to be just wonderful.

And sweet.


Sheila Irish said...

I absolutely LOVE your idea--so yummy to look at and just my kind of "sugar high"....LOL Wish I had been able to do this for my grandchildren in time for today....Oh well, there is always their Birthdays, right? LOL

akizo said...

ohhhh amazingly sweet!!
I really adore your stuff!

Dielle said...

Sooooo cute!