Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tooth Fairy FAIL

Just in case any of you are wondering, I need you to know that things aren't always peachy keen in the Theo house.

Take, for example, yesterday morning.

Wait. Back up.

Let's go back to here. Remember our fantastic Tooth Fairy escapades?


It was a sparkling, grand idea wasn't it?!?

Any little girl's dream!

To wake up after losing a tooth and find a different colored dazzling glitter and water combo each time? All left by a tiny flittering fairy who wandered around your room dipping herself into the water and spilling her wonderful fairy dust all over your chest of drawers?

Yes. Grand, indeed.

Olivia has become quite fascinated with the beautiful colors that she's found so far (pink, turquoise, and green). Her sweet little imagination runs WILD wondering which color dress the tooth fairy will wear next. She even leaves a note each time pleading for the tooth fairy to take a dip in the water and turn it a new color.

In fact, she is *waaaaaaaaaay* more interested in the water/glitter color than the money the tooth fairy leaves in the tooth tin (which, by the way, is also sprinkled with the night's chosen color). We even leave the glass of tinted water and glitter sprinkles out for days (sometimes weeks) after the visit.

So, when she lost her FOURTH tooth two mornings ago, she immediately started wondering (out loud) what color she would end up with this time. She promptly asked me for the little cup we use and went about making the preparations for that night's Tooth Fairy adventure.

Unfortunately for Olivia, something like FOURTEEN HOURS passed between 7 a.m. when she lost the tooth and 9 p.m. when the "Tooth Fairy" fell sound asleep on the couch for the night.

Unfortunate, indeed.

When I stepped out of my shower yesterday morning, I was immediately greeted with the saddest, most heart-wrenching pitiful eyes of any 5 year old girl you've ever seen.

No tears.

Just utter sadness.

Upon questioning, I learned the root from which the sadness came.


Isn't that just swell?

OH, the PAIN!

I quickly reassured her that the Tooth Fairy must've been confused by the light being on in her room all night (that's a whole 'nother post all in itself). I mean seriously, a Tooth Fairy can NEVER come in your house if they think you might possibly still be awake!!??! No way. And, even though she left the tooth lying on the nightstand, I was POSITIVE that the Tooth Fairy must've been looking for the tooth tin that we usually leave it in. Since it wasn't in there AND the light was still on, we got NO TOOTH FAIRY.

After some consoling, Olivia picked herself up and brushed herself off. I calmly encouraged her to go through the setup process one more time. I told her I was *sure* it was all a mistake and that I was *sure* it would be okay.

Tonight, we did things differently.

The Tooth Fairy has already come. She left some extra money and a little note apologizing for the confusion.

She tinted the water, sprinkled the fairy dust and left an extra dollar for the trouble. She kissed Olivia on the way out the door and promised to do better next time.

All this time I thought I would spare my children the glory of needing adult therapy.

I guess not.

In all honesty, we have plenty of other daily troubles and worries, just like every other family in America. It's hard to come here and post about those, though. No one wants to join in on that misery. So, instead, I come here and post about our not-so-traumatic worries. Just thought you should know.

Oh! And tonight, the Tooth Fairy wore a nice sunny shade of yellow.


Heather Warren said...

Leigh, you are a riot!! You should write a book. Lol

Poor mommy. We beat ourselves up don't we. You still rock tooth fairy, and Leigh, you still make the rest if us mama's look lazy! Lol

Meri Kate said...

I love it - and totally get it! Philip and I pride ourselves that we may not have a great college fund for the kids one day, but we'll make sure the therapy fund is wholly intact! Would love to see you and meet your sweet babies.
Meri Kate

Barbara Hoffman said...

Been there and done that SEVERAL times as you can imagine with 4 kids.... They always believe our "reasoning" that we give them.... I think we may have even missed 2 nights in a row.... because we fell asleep waiting for them to fall asleep and had to put it under the bed like it had fallen behin and take out the tooth quick.... thankfully they usually have to potty enough that we have a second chance some mornings...Barb H