Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's been a looooong time...

since I posted some crafty projects!

I made these treat bag tags for a birthday party in July. For a list of credits, click here.

Then I dolled up these cute soaps for my 4K co-workers. Just a simple gift to say "Welcome Back!!" Teachers of little kids can NEVER have enough hand soap or sanitizer! :)

I made these goody boxes for the kids' teachers during Back to School this year. They turned out cute and the teachers really liked them (I think). For credits, click here. I have another post lined up with more details on this project soon. :)

Then, we had a back to school party for all the kids in Whit and Olivia's class. We joined forces with our neighbors and hosted a fun swim party for all their classes. Here are some of the printables I used for the party. For credits, click here.

I made these sugar cookies for the party. They were shaped like swim trunks and flip flops and they were sooooo cute! I tied them up in little baggies, but the heat and a baggies were not so great for the all slid off on the bags. :( The kids loved them, though, so I guess it was a success!

I finally made a new boy version of my tooth fairy tin. I looooooove how it turned out! For credits, click here.

And, I updated the girl version, too! You know what to do for the credits.

And, finally...I got back to my painting "roots" and made this tote bag for a friend before school started. I think it turned out really cute! I don't do much painting anymore because I am just so critical of myself and I get so nervous before starting. But, this one turned out cute!

So, that's it. Or at least, that's *MOST* of it. I've been doing lots of crafting, but I struggle when it comes to taking the pictures and posting them here! :( Sorry about that!

Anyway, hope you all have a happy Saturday!

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