Saturday, February 13, 2010

We recycle around here...

I's the right thing to do, right?

Every now and then, I salvage a piece of recycled cardboard and whip out a little scrapbook.

Oh, I kid.

I've only done that once.

But, it sounded good, so I went with it.

Anyway, I did, indeed, whip out a little recycled scrapbook for Olivia yesterday.

One of the awesome designers I work for, had a really cool little brag book to be released today. Since we were off yesterday, I was able to pop the pictures in, print the 4x6's at Walgreens and plant them onto the cardboard all within 24 hours!

Sweet Shawna even bragged about me here! Now, that makes a girl feel good!

The scrapbook is really so so cute and Olivia just LOVES it! I've seen her a few times in the corner of her room, huddled up with her stuffed animals reading them the book. That just makes my heart happy.

I have one for Whit in the works and he has plenty of suggestions for things I can put in his. I love it.

In all honesty, that's the reason I stay up all hours of the night preserving these memories for my kiddos.

Well, that and the fact that the cuteness factor is TO. DIE. FOR. on some of these projects (Valentine's post coming soon).

Here are a few pictures I just snapped of her scrapbook:

Thanks for letting me brag a little!

Happy Saturday!


Sophie Morand said...

Very, very cute! I love it of course...

kendallt said...

Ummm...Leigh. This is flippin' gorgeous! I'm seriously in awe of your hybrid-ness!