Thursday, December 1, 2011

Really? Something else to do in December??

I went back and forth over starting a new tradition this year. We already have the advent calendar and our December Daily Project.

But, it seems like everyone is doing Elf on the Shelf now. I really, honestly thought my kids were getting too old.

Obviously, I don't know my kids.


At the last minute, we decided to pick up this cutie and I put him to work last night.

My kids could NOT have been happier or more excited this morning.

They couldn't contain themselves, really. Olivia started naming all of her friends who have this little phenomenon (which, by the way, is ALL. OF. THEM.).

And Whit chimes in and says, "Mommy, at first I thought it was you who put him there [on the shelf], but then when Olivia said all her friends had one too - well - you couldn't have done ALLLLLLL of them."

No, buddy. I couldn't have placed all of the other elves.

And, none of those kids have mommies who could, either.


So, needless to say, they are excited. I've found 1,000,0001 ideas on Pinterest of all the crazy things he can get into. Just type in Elf Ideas and see the wonders that pop up.

Of course. Another outlet for me to get creative??

I'm in.

Happy elfing!


Jessica said...

You are going to love it! It will really get your creative juices flowing!!! :-) Can't wait to see what yours does . . .

Rhonda said...

I was thinking the same thing...we've never had one and I thought Jake might be too old this year. I might try it and see :) Of course, there is always T...

Stacy said...

I caved! I went,and got one today. Noah just walked in from school,and yelled "WE GOT A ELF!!!"

Guess, I may have been wrong too:)

The Rogers Family said...

We started last year and love it! Noah is much more into it this year. We took him to the premiere of the movie in ATL. It's amazing how this has really taken off!