Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A wee bit snaggly

It finally happened!

Whit lost his first tooth.

He was so excited I thought he was going to have a heart attack, or pee on himself or both!

Not long ago, he noticed that *ALL* the other kids in his class had started losing their teeth.

And, by *ALL* I mean the 4 boys that sit at his pod in his classroom.

So, when that top tooth started wiggling (about 3 months ago), he got very excited. Little did we know it would take a few days short of FOREVER to finally pop out.

But, pop out it did and now I officially have a snaggle tooth child!

Checking out the tooth in the car after school.

And, I couldn't resist posting this picture, even though it is very blurry, of his sister, who was every bit as excited about the lost tooth as Whit was. Bless her.

You may remember this post where I told you about my tooth fairy tins. Well, that little tin came in mighty handy on Friday night when the tooth fairy came to visit. She left Whit $5 and also let him keep his tooth. He had to write her a letter and ask if he could keep it and obviously she agreed because Saturday morning he woke with money and the tooth still in the tin!

Lucky kid.

And that's all for now!


Sophie Morand said...

He is so so cute! I hope he has a good day today too...

Erin said...

BLESS! Emma lost her bottom 2 over the summer. But she hasn't lost any since. And EVERYONE (according to her) in her class has lost one and gotten their name on the class tooth. One of her top ones is pretty loose, and she is wiggling it hardcore to try to get it out! I am not in as much of a hurry!

Congrats to Whit! The toothfairy did him well! And he looks adorable!