Sunday, March 7, 2010

Snaggle Squared

4 days after Whit lost his first tooth, this is what he looked like:

Yep...he's a double snaggle now. And the two reeeeeeeeeally crooked teeth on the bottom??

They're about to wiggle their way out, too.

I've never known a kid loose so many teeth at once.

Of course, I've never really been interested in kids loosing teeth either, so that *could* be the problem?!?

Anyway, he's pretty snaggly right now and soooooooo stinkin' proud of himself!

I'm just wondering if the Tooth Fairy could maybe get a loan to get us through this busy phase??


Erin said...

*Giggle* But how cute is he?! I thought about your post from the other day, because Em lost one of her top ones today, too! She has been wiggling it for weeks, so excited! But there were a few tears when it came down to getting it out today! The tooth fairy had to make a dash for cash tonight!

Summer said...

He is so cute!! You need to talk to Stacy C. about how many teeth Zoe lost all at once!!

Tracy said...

Yes, ask Stacy about her birthday party and ZOe losing a tooth. TOo funny! Still makes me laugh out loud!

Stacy said...

LOL...oh yes my daughter is the Queen of pulling out her own teeth:) She lost 6 in 2 weeks!!!! One she pulled in the middle of Firehouse while everyone was singing Happy!

Whit looks so cute!!!