Sunday, June 28, 2009


Not the basketball team. US!!

Come on now, ppl. You know me better than that!

It's been a loooooooonnnnnnnnggggg time since I've been to the lake.

When I say a long time, I mean long enough to forget How STINKING Fun It Is!!

We went a few weekends ago and just had the best time. Papa Joe brought his boat and when he put it in the water, the party started! Even though the whole family joined in the fun, only a few of us could be on the boat at once.

As only she could, Olivia pitched an immortal fit about wearing an "ugly" life jacket. Apparently, a life saving device that obstructs the cuteness of her bikini was just not going to be tolerated. That is, until she found out, "no life jacket, no boat," at which point, she conceded.

My kids had the best time!

If you have a lake house and/or boat, please invite us. We'd love to come!!

Olivia will even wear a life jacket with no back talk.

I promise!

See you at the lake!

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Summer Laney said...

You guys will have to go with us sometime. You really do forget how much fun it is until you are out there :)