Monday, May 4, 2009


Olivia is really into the plays we've been seeing lately, so when our BFF next door neighbors invited us to see Cinderella with them at the Peace Center, we jumped at the chance.

We had to leave bright and early Saturday morning, which ended up being 15 minutes past bright and early because the Theo family is allergic to being on time for anything. Period.

Actually, the tardiness all boiled down to an outfit.

This outfit, in particular.

I don't know. It's cute and all, but there's a little part of me (maybe the sophisticated, cultured part) that thinks we should move on from wearing our dress-up clothes out of the house. For any reason other than Halloween.

But, whatever.

She chose to wear the outfit and the shoes and we moved on.

Who's happy here? Obviously not her.

Show's about to we're happy!

The play was fantastic and Olivia enjoyed it entirely. She especially enjoyed when Prince Charming laid one on Cinderella at the ball. The entire theater was quiet and when they kissed, someone {who SHOULD'VE known better} chuckled out loud, which led to other snickering from the crowd.

I want you to know my sweet angel shot her head around, pointed her finger at that section and whispered in her most hateful/disturbed/"I can't believe the absurdity of those people" voice, "THAT was NOT FUNNY!"

I'll try to remember that when she's 17, on my front porch kissing her beau goodnight! Don't interrupt that girl's kiss. She means business.

After the show, she patiently waited in each line to get autographs and pictures with the cast.

She was totally twitterpated with Prince Charming.

She wants to be Cinderella, "when I'm a teenager," she told me.

She loved all the other cast members, too. Especially the evil step-sisters. They rocked!

And, Prince Charming's mom and dad, The King and Queen.

Some sweet little dancers who were eager to sign autographs, too!

Next show: The Golden Ticket {Willy Wonka}. We might be up for it. We're waiting to see what the neighbors decide to do.

We'll definitely be at Sleeping Beauty, during the 2009-2010 season. Anyone else?


emilyb said...

ooo I'm in... she also said Sunday that she was going to Belle when she grows up! I think she changed outfits (including into her two piece and heels) about 4 times in the 2 hours I was there!

Bryanna said...

We had fun with you girls and look forward to Sleeping Beauty next year. Maybe by then Lexi will be ready to talk to the characters and get her picture taken with them. Keep your fingers crossed.