Tuesday, April 5, 2011

{Trendy Tuesday} Washi Love

You know...I'm not really sure this topic belongs under {Trendy Tuesday}.

Yes. It's trendy.

Yes. It's ALL. OVER. CREATION. right now.

But, really I think I should file it under {Things I Love} instead.

You want to know why?

Because I big, fat, puffy heart LOVE washi tape.


Washi tape.

A beautifully dyed and patterned tape made in Japan from washi - a type of rice paper. Perfect for crafting and decor, this tape can be used for gift wrapping, book decorating, layering, trimming, card-making, letter-making and more! It's also easy to tear, can be written on and can be applied to walls and furniture as well.


What more could you want in a tape?

There are so many beautiful varieties out there and so many projects just waiting to be brought to life.

Paperklip Design can make you a bunting in any flavor you'd like.

Parcel Post featured a similar bunting, but used it to creatively wrap a gift. Clever.

Nileey transformed her iPhone 3G cover. Love this.

Elizabeth from To Be Charmed whipped up some fantastic Easter decorations using washi tape.

Aaaaaaand she made some wonderful little spring (ish) vases.

Inspired yet? Find some washi tape of your own at:
Cute Tape
Pretty Tape
Happy Tape
And, of course, Etsy.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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Sydne said...

Hi there,
Thanks for listing Japanistic as one source for great washi tape. We've always got more on the way, and are looking to increase our Japanese craft supply selection.
Have a great weekend, and thanks again,