Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So...what are you going to do

this summer?

Bucket lists are all the rage right now in blogdom. (I'm not even really sure that's a word, but I'm going with it).

You know...the things you want to do in life before you "kick the bucket."

And, at the moment, lots of mommy bloggers are coming up with Summer Bucket Lists. Like this one.

It's a generally fun list of things to do with the kids before the curtain closes on summer.

Or, a way to keep the kids from whining with boredom every day.

Whichever way you choose to look at it.

For us, it's a way to get us out of the house!!

I'll admit it - we are a lazy bunch during the summer.

Whit will sleep until noon if I let him and Olivia is content to play in her room for hours on end doing her nails, or playing with barbies, ponies, Kit or watching movies.

And, of course...if there's no demand for going into the sweltering 100 degree heat, well, let's face it...I'm not going to sign myself up for an outing. That's all there is to it.

Sure - we do lots of fun things here and there, but we usually don't plan to do much beforehand. We're sort of spontaneous like that.

Or lazy. Whichever way you choose to look at it.

But, this summer, we are going to do things a little differently.

Whit has been in a great mood lately and Olivia...well...she's always up for something fun!

When I saw the first Summer Bucket List about a month ago, I thought it was a fantastic idea. Once they started popping up ALL OVER BLOGLAND, my subconscious kicked in and that was it.

The kids and I sat down and thought about some of the things we REALLY want to do this summer.

Some we will be able to do, some we won't. They are okay with that. And, who knows?? The ones they are *SURE* we won't be able to do just might be the ones we plan first!

So, here's our list in all it's glory.

{Okay, okay... I added the drive-in movie because after I saw it on Stacy's blog, I decided we must go too.}

I copied the idea of adding little check-off boxes from here (so cute)!

We've already done a few of the things on our list. And, the W's and O's in the check boxes will make more sense tomorrow.

Because, when I really thought about it, I decided I'd like to make a scrapbook out of our list (I know - you're shocked - I'm sure).

So, check back tomorrow to see how this cover becomes our summer scrapbook:

I know you'll be anxiously waiting...

Hee hee hee :)


Summer said...

what a good idea!! sounds like you guys are going to have a fun summer!! let me know when you go to the AG store (if you havent already!!)

Stacy said...

I need to make a list! Yes, the Drive-In is so fun!!! I may have to make a list of our own. I fell like summer is going so fast.